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Client Testimonials

"Due to past injuries and a lifetime of following the 'no pain no gain' mantra, I've been exposed to more health providers in the past half century than I care to count.  Some have helped a little, some have helped a lot, but a special few have helped nurture transformative improvements in my health and well being that have stayed with me for a long time.  Shelley is one of those providers.  


Perhaps it's from her years of experience with physical therapy, but after my first Reiki session with her I felt like she was a very intuitive healer, and every session I've paid for with her was well worth the small cost. 


When I attended Shelley's yoga classes I was so appreciative of her attentiveness to all of the small ways that changing certain movements could make positions easier to hold and more beneficial. I hear her voice every time I remind myself to do as she be kind to my body.  I've recommended her to multiple friends and family and know that I'm certainly not the only one who thinks so highly of her."    -Cindy, Pewaukee

"Over the past year I have had three surgeries. Shelley introduced me to Reiki as a tool to aid in my healing and recovery. Reiki restored my body's natural energy flow which had been compromised by the pain and trauma of these procedures. I was amazed at the restorative effects of the Reiki on my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. After each session, I felt incredible peace and tranquility, and gained much needed momentum towards achieving wellness. Shelley's gentle, caring nature and positive attitude helped to foster confidence and made each session enjoyable and productive."     -CR, Mukwonago

"Shelley's Reiki treatments have been tremendously helpful to me during my battle with breast cancer. I feel that her treatments helped to decrease my post-surgical pain, decreased the side-effects of chemotherapy, and promoted a sense of calm relaxation. Reiki facilitates healing on many levels. Shelley definitely has a gift for this type of work. I am very grateful to her for sharing her gift with me."              -Mary, Greenfield

"Shelley is an amazingly patient and kind yoga instructor. Her style of teaching, especially with those who have physical challenges, provides for individualized attention. By using whatever props are available to make your body comfortable, she helps guide your body into the position that is best for your body. She teaches you that each body is unique, while coaching you to only go as far as your body takes you that day. She has shown me that anyone can reap the benefits of yoga - stretching and balance - within a very short time. Always with a smile, Shelley is a pleasure to be around."  -Connie, Muskego

"In 2008, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder. As my body declined, I consulted many medical professionals. Massages were my only source of relief, although very short lived. Forced to stop my daily walks and eventually all exercise, my positive nature began to wane and I felt miserable.

In 2012, I met with Shelley. Shelley listened and designed a plan. She taught me muscle relaxation exercises and also combined yoga, Reiki and physical therapy to reduce my pain/stiffness. For the first time in 4 years, I felt hopeful and soon noticed my symptoms slowly improving. Within weeks, I resumed my daily walks and I was able to dance at my son's wedding.

Shelley's approach to natural healing has helped me more than anything else has. Her ability to share information and her uplifting spirit are truly inspirational. She has taught me how to help myself and I will continue to utilize those lessons on a daily basis. I feel like Shelley has given me my life back!"         -Kathy, Franklin

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