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Shamanic Healing Sessions

A Shamanic energy healing session can be a powerful and deep level of healing work. It can help you to release long-standing issues and move forward on your path in life.  


Power Animal Retrieval

During your session Shelley will journey to discover spiritual gifts or retrieve a power animal for you.  

The magical healing energy of this creature can assist you in your soul's journey and assist self-empowerment.

Extraction & Chakra Cleansing

When we hold heavy energies for a long time they settle into our energy field as denser forms.

These energies such as envy, anger and guilt can be sent from others or are often from holding onto our emotions instead of allowing and expressing them. 

The "stuck energy" may be from past wounds or past or present trauma.

In your session, Shelley will do Chakra cleansing and re-balancing to assist your body back to its natural state: that of well-being and balance, with a strong self-healing ability. 

If you have unhealthy ties to others which are depleting your energy, we will cut the unhealthy ties, while facilitating healthy connections. 

Ancestral Imprints

There are times when our families' stories and trauma live on through their descendants.  This can be in the form of addictions, diseases passed on, or things such a poverty consciousness.  A shaman will track in non-ordinary reality to heal these past traumas through the familial lineage. 

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is necessary when a person has experienced what is called soul loss; when an individual loses a part of his or her spiritual energy (e.g. "I don't feel complete." or "I feel like they took a part of me with them.") The causes of soul loss are many, with most people experiencing some degree of soul loss in their lifetime. Soul loss is often associated with physical or sexual abuse, death of a loved one or severe or chronic illness. Repressed, forgotten and gaps in memory could also be an effect of soul loss.


A Shamanic practitioner can assist a person with soul loss by journeying on their behalf to uncover how and when the separation occurred and to return the missing soul part, like a  quantum of energy, to the person. The gifts of Soul Retrieval are increased personal power, clarity of purpose and life direction, healing of physical injury and illness and a shift to a positive state of consciousness.

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