My Healing Journey and Calling

I have felt called to be a healer my entire adult life.  In my 30 years of PT practice, I have been able to guide many individuals toward physical health.  But more importantly, I have had the honor of assisting people improve and transform their lives on all levels. 


There is a strong link between stress, emotional/mental/spiritual concerns with pain, disease and illness.

The opposite is also true.

We can use the amazing mind-body-spirit interconnection to create healing, well-being and joy. 

19 years ago, I began practicing yoga, which helped me heal a recurring back injury.  It has improved my energy level, ability to handle stress, immune function, and maintain strength, flexibility, and balance. I also have an improved ability to calm my mind for prayer and meditation. 

As a PT, I wanted to share these benefits with my patients and with the community.  I saw a need for yoga instruction with emphasis on safety and body awareness. This led me to complete training to become a registered yoga teacher in 2006.  My professional experience and gentle style of yoga prevents future injuries and allows safe recovery from current injury. It also allows people dealing with chronic pain or disease to participate in a consistent exercise program for improved overall health and well-being.


As I continued to practice and teach yoga, I began to realize the profound effects of working with prana/life energy (also known as chi or ki).  This led me to become trained as a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2009, and I have been offering Reiki healing sessions and teaching Reiki classes since that time.

I would love the opportunity to help you create balance in your life through the practice of yoga and the experience of Reiki.

Namaste (The spirit within me honors and respects the spirit within you)


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